Astute is a ‘Meritocracy’; a Real & Structured employee progression framework.

Anyone can enter the business any time and get to the top through hard work and talent!

Examples of this all through the business…you can progress from being an agent, right to the very top:

  • 4 out of 5 of the Senior Campaign Managers in Astute started as an agent!
  • 18 out of 25 of our Sales and Account Management Team started as an agent!
  • 2 members of our IT department started as agents!
  • Astute’s HR Manager started as an agent!
  • Astute’s Head of Operations – Media Division started as an agent!
  • Astute’s International Campaign Manager started as an agent!

Astute also has ‘placement’ opportunities within our customer community if staff are looking to relocate after 18 months of service (minimum).