“I’ve studied for all of the Astute exams during the last three years with a goal in my head to be a successful manager within the team. My hard work has paid off and I am now in that position with all of the benefits that it grants, with still huge potential to progress within the company, along my chosen career path.”

Telemarketing Campaign Manager

“I’m young in the company and keen to progress so for me now it’s all about listening to the training, exceeding the targets on the campaigns that I’m working on and developing relationships with my team and clients to then solidify my future in a sales management role.”

Business Development Agent

“Representing top global brands and seeing their campaigns come into fruition gives me not only total job satisfaction to know that I’ve been a part of the team that instigated the success, but also the will to want to exceed my last targets and do even better.”

Telemarketing Team Leader

“The more I study the more successful I become. I am able to converse directly with key top decision makers quite confidently to turn around results that will benefit them, my client and my team.”

Senior Business Development Agent

“I must be a true sales person at heart because pound signs get my pulse racing. Astute has given me the training to take my people skills and use them to turn around sales. The buzz I get from seeing the contracts turnaround in my client’s favour motivates me to perform even harder to win even more.”

New Business Development Manager